Family Motorbike Trip, small

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  • BK51140
  • Sonderfarbe
  • 10.5 cm
  • 14 cm
  • 17.5 cm
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Product information

Our cool biker family has been available since June 2014.

Cute, red-nosed Santa Clauses have become a distinctive trademark of our brand. Who can resist the charm of these unmistakable figures, handcrafted from fine indigenous woods and designed with a twinkle and a sense of humour? The original figures are available in a wide variety of amusing designs and can be combined with Rudolf the Reindeer, Olaf the Elk and various different trees. Our Santa Claus series, including the elks and reindeer, was awarded the 'Tradition und Form' design prize of the Association of Erzgebirge Master Craftsmen in 2004.

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