Payment and dispatch
The following terms and conditions apply:
The products are delivered all over the world.
Dispatch costs (inclusive of legally applicable VAT)

Domestic deliveries (Germany):
We charge shipping costs on the basis of the order value (gross product value):
Wir berechnen die Versandkosten pauschal mit 3,90 Euro pro Bestellung.
From an order value of 75,00 € onwards, we deliver shipments free of cost.

Deliveries to foreign countries:
We charge shipping costs for deliveries to foreign countries on the basis of the order value (gross product value):
Asia: 44,00 Euro
Australia: 44,00 Euro
Austria: 17,00 Euro
Belgium: 17,00 Euro
Bulgaria: 17,00 Euro
Central Africa: 44,00 Euro
Cyprus (Republic, except northern part): 17,00 Euro
Czech Republic: 17,00 Euro
Denmark (without Faroe Islands and Greenland): 17,00 Euro
Estonia: 17,00 Euro
Finland (without Aland Islands): 17,00 Euro
France (without overseas territories and departments): 17,00 Euro
Greece (without Mount Athos): 17,00 Euro
Hungary: 17,00 Euro
Ireland: 17,00 Euro
Italy (without Livigno, Campione d'Italia): 17,00 Euro
Latin America: 44,00 Euro
Latvia: 17,00 Euro
Lithuania: 17,00 Euro
Luxembourg: 17,00 Euro
Malta: 17,00 Euro
Middle East: 36,00 Euro
Monaco: 17,00 Euro
Netherlands (Europe only): 17,00 Euro
North Africa: 36,00 Euro
North America: 52,00 Euro (DHL shipping to the USA including crisis surcharge of 16 Euro)
Oceania: 44,00 Euro
Poland: 17,00 Euro
Portugal: 17,00 Euro
Rest of Europe: 30,00 Euro
Romania: 17,00 Euro
Slovakia: 17,00 Euro
Slovenia: 17,00 Euro
South Africa: 44,00 Euro
Spain (without Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla): 17,00 Euro
Sweden: 17,00 Euro
From an order value of 1.000,00 €, we deliver shipments to foreign countries free of cost.

Delivery periods
Unless otherwise specified in the quote, domestic delivery of goods shall be made (Germany) within 3 – 5 days, for deliveries abroad within 10 – 28 days from conclusion of contract (if advance payment agreed from the date of the payment instruction).
Please note that deliveries are not made on Sundays and other holidays.
If you have ordered articles with different delivery dates, we send the articles together in one delivery if no other agreement has been made. The delivery date for the complete order will be the same as that of the article with the longest delivery time.

Accepted Payment options
– Prepayment via transfer
– Payment via PayPal (credit card, direct debit, invoice if applicable)
– Payment by PayPal Express

Our bank account:
Deutsche Bank AG
IBAN: DE28 8707 0000 0970 1004 00

In case of questions, please contact us at the contact details mentioned in the Legal Notice.